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Monique is a licensed Acupuncturist.

She has spent 22 years in the business world, spanning across Canada, France, the UK and the Netherlands. At the same time she has
always pursued a life of balance and learning.


A graduate of the Acupuncture programme from Shenzhou University in Amsterdam, she then later combining the gentle approach of Japanese acupuncture through Toyohari training.


Monique brings a sense of gentleness and relaxation to her treatments. Upon graduating her reflection has been the beauty of Chinese medicine is that it is an approach to life, constantly seeking to balance and find calm in what can be a busy world.


She also completed multiple Hawaiian bodyworks trainings including, Lua Lomi, Aunty Maile Lomi & Opu Huli and is a Yoga Instructor.

She's available on Fridays.

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